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modular notes about the track:

In addition to the Hapax sequencer, the most important modules used were:

  • Mangrove
  • Sisters
  • Pizza
  • Ikarie
  • Cursus Iteritas
  • Dual Dagger
  • Ensemble Oscillator
  • Desmodus Versio
  • Mimeophon
  • Zadar
  • Twin Waves
  • Plaits
  • BitBox Micro

External effects were Big Sky, El Capistan and Microcosm.

Audio captured live via Yamaha MG12XU USB mixer into Audacity as a Stereo master (no overdubbing, post mixing or processing apart from some compression). 

Here is my Eurorack case (not all modules were used):

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modular notes about the track:

Main sequencing for pitch and some gates from winter modular’s Eloquencer, the drums are triggered out of 1010’s bitbox. The intro beat and outro beat are effected by a mutable ripples, the main beat has some slight effect on it, percussion is also spit out from the bitbox. Bitbox has 3 LFO modulation inputs for various purposes and the triggers mainly come from Joranalogue switch 4 and Shakmat’s time wizard.

Bass sound from AJH transistor core VCO is heavily effected by Happy nerding FX aid (not sure which effect tho) but also runs dry into the Hexmix system and another copy travels trough the wonderful Arcaico ZAAR where the filter is modulated by Xaoc devices Batumi.The LFO and the envelope triggers follow a sequence out of ST modular Path. There is also the bizarre Jezabel pkhia filter that deforms the sound a bit.

Main melody out of Plaits, into ZVEX lo fi junkie, Pkhia, FX aid… Further up the track the melody is also delayed by Strymon magneto.

Intelijel Atlantis kicks in with an ethereal pad sound that passes Xaoc devices Belgrad, and  a copy of the sound goes out of the rig for some extra juice by 2 pedals in chain, Cooper FX arcades (tape dly) and the Demedash T-120 VHS delay. 

When the break kicks in Atlantis’s filter is modded with a trigger from Shakmat White gallop.

The overall mix in the hexmix system adds up 2 aux effects, mutable clouds and FX aid ( not sure which setting of this one either) but not all tracks get these effects.

Not mentioning all the other utilities, multi’s, envelopes, submixers,VCA’s but they are in there somewhere.

Mod grid racks:

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modular notes about the track:

  • Main voice : Loquelic Iteritas - Viol Ruina - Desmodus Versio
  • Arp : Rings - FXDF - Output one into Clouds and Mimeophon -Output 2 into Verbos Multidelay - Scan Pan 
  • Field recordings : Morphagene
  • Envelopes and LFO’s : Batumi, Just Friends 
  • Sequencers : Hermod - Nerdseq 
  • More effects and mixing from ER-301 

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[moosdohmen]: The Proverbial Farm started for me as an experiment to combine dub chords with ultra-long envelope release times. Using the Ensemble Oscillator as the main sound source, I added various harmonic modulations. For contrast I used some field recordings, vocal samples, plus different types of noise. All sounds except the beats are processed in the Chase Bliss Generation Loss guitar pedal, which adds extra lo-fi grit and character. I kept the beats pretty laid back, to keep the listener’s focus on the droning evolving sounds. The track was recorded in one take to stereo, and then mastered in Ableton Live.

The sleeve picture is taken on the isle of Vlieland, a huge source of inspiration for me. There is no farm there.

modular notes about the track:

  • 4ms Ensemble Oscillator
  • Make Noise 0-coast, QPas, Rene, Morphagene
  • Mutable Instruments Marbles
  • SSF Vortices
  • Chase Bliss Generation Loss MK 2
  • Strymon Nightsky
  • Making Sound Machines Stolperbeats
  • Soma Pulsar 23
  • Bastl Ikarie

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Compilation with tracks from:

  • Innesti
  • Nordlys (Gregory Delabelle)
  • Halfgeleider (Maarten Voeten)
  • J Daniel Cramer
  • Onsturicheit (Peter Moorkens)
  • Human Motives (Chris van der Linden)
  • Dries Geusens
  • Rick Sanders
  • Paul Alstein

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Paul Alstein: Second Summit was born on a rainy afternoon in Amsterdam as I set out to recreate the sound of the rain tapping against the windows of my studio. For this I overlapped various recordings of clicking and popping sounds coming from Mutable Instuments Plaits in LFO-mode. Some of the rain sounds were filtered, other were sent through some delay.

I combined this with an old recording that I had saved on my Make Noise Morphagene (chords with lots of doppler shifts). These recordings occur twice in the track; the second time it is pitched down a few semitones to create a darker ambience. The idea behind this was to recreate the feeling of reaching the top of a mountain only to find that the actual summit is still way ahead of you (happened to me more than once).

modular notes about the track:

  • Mutable Instruments Plaits (in LFO mode)
  • Plum Audio ADVA
  • Intellijel Quadrax
  • Mutable Instuments Marbles
  • Make Noise Morphagene
  • Qubit Nautilus
  • Noise Engineering Electus Versio
  • some utility modules...

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The 4 compositions on this album are made of harmonic chord progressions using Neo-Riemannian translations. Neo-Riemannian theory is a collection of ideas and models of music theorists such as David Lewin, Brian Hyer, and Richard Cohn and is named after Hugo Riemann (1849–1919), a German musicologist, who had proposed in the 1880’s a system of harmonic transformations that related triad chords directly to each other. The idea behind this theory is that motions between proximate triad chords can be described by a few basic transformations that change only one note from the chord a half or whole tone up or down. NR-transformations were implemented as algorithms in the firmware of the Ornament & Crime Eurorack module. The O&C module generates quantized voltage signals that can be used to define the individual pitches of three oscillators such that they produce musical triad chords.


modular notes about the track:

  • Ornament & Crime (quantizer, voltage generator)
  • Studio Electronic Quadnic (four-voice digital wavetable oscillator) as the sound source
  • Mutable Instrument Marbles (main clock, trigger signals)
  • Doepfer A-118 (white & coloured noise)
  • Soejrd's MS20 VCF (low pass filter)
  • Nano Font ('liquid' filter), Make Noise Maths (envelope generator)
  • Kilpatrick K4815 (clock divisions, gate/trigger signal)
  • Make Noise Mimeophon (audio repeater, delay)
  • Endorphines Milky Way (Hall reverb effect)
  • last but not least, Valhalla Supermassive for even more reverb effects.

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modular notes about the track:

  • Main clocks: 2x synced ALM Busy Circuits PNW
  • Trigger sequencers: Acid Rain Constellation, Patching Panda Particles and MI Branches
  • Main sequencers: Frap Tools Usta & Verbos Multistage
  • Modulation: Ochd, NLC Triple Sloth, Frap Tools Sapel, Verbos Random Sampling
  • Mixers: SSF Vortices og, SSF Vortices HiFi.
  • Master mix & fx: Frap Tools QSC, Group and Masterone, Dannysound Dynamics, Strymon Magneto and MI Beads.


Noise Percussion and feedback: Frap Tools Sapel & Verbos Random Sampling noise outputs through Verbos Sequence Selector, Frap Tools Fumana into Verbos Delay Processor with added modulation and feedback, Verbos Amp & Tone in self-oscillation through LxD and Intellijel Springray.

Deep percussive voice: Dannysound EN129 TZFM sines and squares through Herzlichlabs The Omen modded LPG’s. Clocked resonant HPF delays with Veno Echo.

Driven voice: mixed waveforms of Frap Tools Brenso wavefolder and dined ring modulated with Fallistri’s four quadrant multiplier through Serge Res EQ and Herzlichlabs LPG’s in resonant mode. Brenso is modulated with Verbos Random Sampling shift register circuit, triggered by PNW fed by random cv A. Ring modded waves patched through Dannysound Multimode Ladder Filter in bandpass, modulated by Multistage CV A and B. The Omen LPG modulated with Verbos Polyphonic Envelope. Gates from Verbos Multistage.

Textures: mix of heavily filtered and ring modulated Moog Subharmonicon, Addac T-Noiseworks and NLC Resonate through Olivella Imagenes in bandpass mode into MN Morphagene.

Racks on MG:

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modular notes about the track:

  • Tip Top One sampler used to provide a pad soundbed, reverb by FX Aid. 
  • Basimilus Iteritas Alter as the bass/melodic voice
  • QuBit Data Bender and Happy Nerding FX Aid for effects
  • Mutable Instruments Marbles +  Lapsus Os used to modulate the BIA and Data Bender
  • Make Noise Morphagene provides subtle textures, tiny slivers of sound.

7 track LP - find it on bandcamp HERE

The Krell Patch is a challenge to replicate the sound and structure of the Krell song (from SF movie Forbidden Planet -1956) with a modular synthesizer. 

J Daniel Cramer is bringing Krell music to the next level with his modular, as the Krellberg Variations.

Full English Breakfast contains 7 tracks (404 seconds each) that are cuts from a live performance in London during the fall of 2022. 

This unique modular music sounds like an orchestra from an other planet that is playing a composition in scales that are not related to earth and humans, but definitely very organic!

Daniel made a youtube series of 45 videos about The Krellberg Variations.

3 track EP - find it on bandcamp HERE

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modular notes about the track:

As a celebration of 50 years Serge, this Nordlys EP was performed on a 4U Serge system built by Gregory Delabelle (the artist) himself.

Accidental Patterns 1 is is a fast moving melodic arpeggio. Nordlys understands the art of creating a story with subtle movements. He adds small amounts of sounds, such as herb leaves that make the difference between an ordinary dish and something delicious.

Accidental Pattern 2 is a pulsating polyrhythmic trip, bare and pure. 

Both tracks are 404 second cuts of a live recording.

Accidental Pattern 1+2 is …an accidental accident: while checking the mastering of Accidental Pattern 1 and Accidental Pattern 2 it turned out that they blend perfectly together! Accidental Pattern 1+2 is a continuous crossfade mix between both tracks.

The result is a trip of 404 seconds, enjoy!

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modular notes about the track:


  • MI Rings
  • Instruo Arbhar
  • Desmodus Versio
  • Qu-Bit Chord V2
  • Qu-Bit Nautilus
  • Qu-Bit Nebulae V2
  • Fx Aid x 2
  • Make Noise QPAS
  • various utilities
  • Sequenced by the Oxi One

3 track EP - find it on bandcamp HERE

Organisme is a 3 track EP from the mind of Onsturicheit (Peter Moorkens). 

“Organel” starts with abstract chants that evolve in a slow moving whirlpool, lifting you up and letting you look down on new worlds that pass by in slow motion.

“Celdeling” is a sonic representation of the production process of organic structures: reproduction via cell division.

“Membraam” sounds like the inside engine of an organic structure. A lot is moving, but we’re stuck inside.

“Organel” and “Membraan” use the following setup:

For “Celdeling” this set has been used: , with focus on 3 Moog Mothers en Medic melodies (4 voices controlled by the Erica Black sequencer) 

In addition, the following cases were used for this EP: and

3 track EP - find it on bandcamp HERE

J Daniel Cramer is known for his Krellberg Variations. Krell refers to Forbidden Planet, the beloved 1956 cult-classic of Sci-Fi cinema. The film's soundtrack (by Louis and Bebe Barron) lacks real-world references. 

J Daniel Cramer is taking this to the next level: he is modulating the sound of oscillators in such a way that they become living organic creatures. 

The great thing about A Canon of Valor is that it sounds small and vulnerable instead of bombastic: on the silver screen of your imagination you don’t see spaceships at warp speed, but strange creatures wobbling around in their nests made of cosmic straw. 

It's like an orchestra from an other planet that is playing a composition in scales that are not related to earth and humans, but definitely very organic!

3 track EP - find it on bandcamp HERE

How does modular triphop sound?

It sounds like Halfgeleider.

Raw, dubby-around-90-bpm, nostalgic without getting cheesy, samples: many elements that will remind you of the british Ninja Tune label downtempo releases, but at the same time also very now-2022.

No single track of 404 seconds track this time, but a 20 minute flow of 3 tracks of 404 seconds.
Why? Because 20 minutes and 12 seconds is much better to immerse in the world of Halfgeleider (Maarten Voeten).

This raw slow music is a perfect 20 minute sound meditation workout for your mind, although this is not "ambient music" at all. 

Why don’t you try it yourself: you can pay what you want anyway… but your mental healing is guaranteed! 

modular notes about the track:

Robert Pabst:

'404’ is deliberately composed for modular404 where all tracks are exactly 404 seconds long and all sounds need to come from the modular.

To make sure it’s exactly 404 to the millisecond, I’ve set up WestLicht Peformer to 120 BPM, which rounds off to the second.

It has six sections of exactly one minute, and a 44 second outro. Each minute is closed by a break.


I used Plaits as the main VCO for this track which bleeps every 10 seconds. The ‘end of minute’ bleeps cascade with increasing resolution.

Why so mathematical? It’s about time running out as tension grows.
The track ‘paints’ a DoomsDay machine that builds up energy with every minute passed.

The ambiance is enhanced by the ticking clock, with a manual wind-up at the start (evil is man made).

In real life, this is my IKEA kitchen timer, recorded with a field recorder and loaded into BitBox.

The BitBox also plays acoustic percussion, which are slams on the rim of a real kick drum, recorded by myself at Abbey Road Amsterdam and loaded as a spliced sample in BitBox. So no factory samples are used.


The Rhythm is super simple, but it becomes complex because of the Desmodus Versio with lots of modulation, specially the gate to the ‘f*ck shit up’ CV makes a great ‘burst’ effect. With every minute passing, new Plaits parts are added, like notes drowned in reverb, hats, a snare solo, drones and finally the super saw with distortion from Ruina Versio. The drones are recorded in the DAW and further processed with DearVR 3D ambisonics. When you listen with headphones, you’ll hear them move all around you. There’s a tone added from Mordax Data, which is tuned to 404 Hz. Most of the track is recorded in one take, but additional material is added with extra takes. Having the machine running at 120 BPM makes it easy to add more layers without cutting and pasting. It also gives you the opportunity to modulate manually. However, the patches use the eight LFO’s from OCHD, four LFO’s from 1010Music Toolbox and the amazing Curve Tracks from WestLicht Performer.


The polyphonic pad is coming from a second BitBox and played manually with the on-screen keyboard. I demonstrate this technique a lot in my videos.

The final seconds are used for a ‘time’s up’ by the kitchen timer. Obviously, there was a bit of post-production involved to make a perfect fit.

modular notes about the track:

This track is made on a "Dark Easel":  
Make Noise 0-Coast + 0-Ctrl + Strega.

Additional effects: Morphagene and Clouds

modular notes about the track:

Stefan Robbers:

This track was composed and recorded with my first eurorack modular setup mid 2014. I was invited for one of the legendary Noodlebar sessions at Roodkapje Rotterdam to play live. This recording is the final rehearsal in the studio a few days before.

I do not recall all the modules used, but to name a few that are for certain: Mutable Instruments Braids, Makenoise Maths, MFB Osc03, Qu-Bit Nebulae, Koma SVF, Doepfer SEM filter, Doepfer A-149 1/2, Tiptop Z4000, Circuit Abbey G8, Intellijel Dixie II and uVCA-II, Cylonic Cyclebox.

More Sierra Romeo sessions can be found here:

Studio jams and recording videos can be found here:

modular notes about the track:

  • Make Noise Shared System
  • Make Noise Strega

modular notes about the track:

Marc Debroey:
The Odessa chronicles part one, has its origin from the Ornament and Crime’s Quantermain, a quad pitch quantiser for external voltages. It creates generative harmonic evolution which helps the imagination in search for those subtle moments where you hear the smallest beautiful melody of the moment …


  • Xaoc - Odessa
  • uRings
  • Desmodus Versio
  • Bitbox micro
  • Ornament & Crime
  • Happy Nerving FX8

modular notes about the track:

Federico Intrisano: 

I was exploring MTM Radio Music stations when I came across a not so reassuring dialogue. It was night and the voices scared me a little. I decided to filter them, make them resonate and control their amplitude. In this way they no longer frightened me. We started moving together in a landscape that soon was filled with endless skyscrapers and electric cables glittering in the dark: BLAME was born.


  • MTM - Radio Music - sound sources
  • Mutable Instruments  - Elements - as a resonator
  • DOBOZ - XIIO - touch control keyboard
  • JolinLab - Agogo - as a dual LPG
  • Mutable Instruments - Clouds - granulator
  • Soundmachines - Lightplane - XY cv generator
  • Instruo / DivKid - Ochd - multiple LFO controlling elements


  • Shuttle systhem played witht Roli keyboard (MPe) 
  • Sample Unit 
  • Mutable instruments Warps 
  • Make Noise Morphagene 
  • 4ms Company Stereo Triggered Sampler 
  • Music Thing Modular Radio Music 
  • After Later Audio uBurst 
  • 2hp PlayMalekko Heavy Industry MUTE 4 
  • Mutable instruments Frames 
  • Doepfer A-138s 

  • Michigan Synth Works Pachinko 12HP Marbles feeding samples and 3 Moog Mother 32's 

  • Arturia Keystep 
  • AJH Synth MiniMod 
  • AJH Synth Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter 
  • Erica Synths Pico MODulator 

  • External effects: Mooer Ocean Machine & TC ELectronic Flashback 4x 


  • Serge resonant EQ
  • MTM Chord Organ
  • MTM Radio Music
  • Thomas White Dual LPG
  • Yusynth Moog filter clone
  • Yusynth Noise generator
  • Doepfer Spring reverb
  • Erica Synths Pico drums
  • Erica Synths Black Hole DSP2
  • MI Clouds
  • Ridrum TK09
  • ES Disting MK2
  • Multiples-Function generators-LFO’s
  • HSTA Baby 8 sequencer
  • Expert Sleepers Disting Mk2
  • MI Plaits
  • Arturia Beatstep pro for sequencing 

modular notes about the track:

Thierry: "I use to work and think about modular music as painting and drawing. The background of the tracks in made with the sounds recorded in my garden: bugs, birds and noise which are blurry as dry pastels, the sharp sound of Rings is my asian ink to draw thin lines, the Moog organic sound is oil fat and dark paint and I like to introduce color with Clouds, fed by the Expert Sleeper samples made with Rings sounds. Maths is used to finish as mixer, attenuverter, AD and LFO as well as the Moog. Hermod is the brain."


  • Squarp Instrument Hermod
  • Moog mother 32
  • Mutable Instrument Rings
  • Mutable Instrument Clouds
  • MakeNoise Maths
  • MakeNoise Morphagene
  • Expert Sleepers Disting mk4
  • EricaSynth Pico MS Scale
  • Doepfer A138 S
  • Mixer Soundcraft EPM6
  • Reverb Boss RV6
  • Recorder Zoom H5
  • Logic audio/RME

VIDEO: visit the video page of this website

modular notes about the track:

This track is produced using a small modular (6U70hp) and a Soma Pulsar 23.
No samples have been used.
Recorded in 1 take in Ableton Live Lite.


  • XOR electronics Nerdseq 
  • Intellijel Plonk
  • WMDevices Crucible and Fracture
  • Happy Nerding FX aid
  • Mutable instruments Plaits
  • + a few filters and a mixer. 
  • Kick, bass & percussive elements: Pulsar 23

    modular notes about the track:

    The recurring growling sound is the word "Waveform" produced by Plaits in its last green mode stored in the sample memory of Magneto and pitched down. The same Plaits module produced the low drone which was stored inside Clouds freeze buffer; Plaits was then free again and able to output the random hihats audible from the middle of the track. 

    The other melodic sparse notes come from Basimilus Iteritas Alter and Dixie II+. 

    The sequencers are Hermod and Marbles, this last module's pitch output shaped by Scales, by selecting the notes manually. 

    Other modules used are: Pamela's New Workout, Chronoblob2, Mimeophon, Qpas and Veils.


    • Hermod
    • MI Clouds
    • MI Marbles
    • MI Plaits
    • MI Veils
    • Strymon Magneto
    • Basimilus Iteritas Alter
    • Intellijel Dixie II+
    • Intellijel Scales
    • Pamela's New Workout
    • Alright Devices Chronoblob2
    • MakeNoise Mimeophon
    • MakeNoise Qpas

    modular notes about the track:

    "Retrospect is recorded on a stereo track in Live10. When I got Contour1 (Joranalogue) in my rack I started out using it as a VCO. The main lines in the track are recorded samples from sequences done on Contour1 with several FX that I recorded a few months back. I came across them when I started Retrospect. The samples were cut in different clips which are sequenced by ST modular's path. The melody which kicks in half way is sequenced by Eloquencer and spit out by 2hp Pluck and travels through several destinations. It took a lot of time to get the track right, but as mentioned in my bio, I’m just scratching the surface and the learning path is far from an end. I just hope you enjoy it."


    Video: see the "video" page of modular404, or click




    • Winter Modular: Eloquencer
    • Xaoc: Batumi, Praga, Belgrad
    • Befaco: Kickall
    • Ladik: D-420 drum girl
    • Joranalogue: Contour1, Switch4, Transmit2
    • Doepfer: A-140-2
    • Shakmat Modular: Knight Gallop, White Gallop, Time Wizard, Time Apprentice
    • Tessitura tailor, Hi-Pass
    • 2hp: Pluck
    • Qu-Bit: Chord v2
    • Happy Nerding: Fx-aid
    • Void Modular: Hexagram
    • 1010 bitbox
    • After Later Audio: uBurst
    • ST Modular: Franz, Path
    • Mutable Instruments: Ripples (3x), Peaks
    • Music Thing Modular: Radio Music
    • WMD: MSCL
    • ZVEX: Instant Lo-Fi Junky
    • Strymon: Magneto
    • Flight of Harmony: Plague Bearer

    This track was recorded in a single live take. Only a few edits and rhythmic arrangements were made to enhance the sound.

    “Line is the path of a point moving through space. A line may move up, down, left or right. it may climb, fall, twist, float or dance. it may swell, taper, divide or multiply. Line is a record of actions. Our eyes [ ears ] may move with a line as it is formed or they may move along existing lines. Line is everywhere.” Discovering line







    • Cwejman BLD 


    • SSF Bassdrurm 
    • Erica Synths Hats
    • Bastl Noise in Wasp filter and Optomix 
    • Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas

    Voices & FX 

    • uBraids
    • MakeNoise DPO
    • MakeNoise Telharmonic 
    • MakeNoise Mmg
    • Bubblesound Diod
    • System80 Jove
    • Make Noise Mimeophon
    • Strymon Magneto

    Seqs & mods

    • WMD Metron
    • Shakmat Knight Gallop
    • Xaoc Batumi
    • Pamela’s Workout
    • WMD SSF Blender

    This 100 % modular track uses classic east-coast synthesis techniques. It runs on one repetitive sequence (like Berlin school music) programmed on the Stillson Hammer MK 2 (which was clearly a game changer when it took place inside my rack) and is played and tweaked live via the offset capabilities of this amazing sequencer. Previously played during an “Ambiant Lay Down”’ event in Brussels, cYclIc bAckgrOUnd was Recorded in one take in january 2020 via the stereo output of the Befaco Hexmix.


    Link :



    Sequencer : Stillson Hammer MK 2

    Mixer : Befaco HEXMIX

    Sounds and tones

    • 3 Klavis Twin waves
    • 1 Braids
    • 1 Plaits
    • 1 Noise Engeenering Loquelic iteritas
    • Intellijel filters (Korgasmatron, uVCF)
    • WMD / SSF MMF



    • Xaoc Batumi
    • Intellijel Quadra



    • Dave Smith Character
    • Tip Top Audio Z-DSP
    • 4MS Dual looping delay


    • Mutable Instruments Marbles 
    • Mutable Instruments Plaits
    • Xaoc Batumi LFO
    • Intellijel Plonk
    • 1010Music Bitbox 
    • Erica Pico DSP
    • Happy Nerding VCA
    • Happy Nerding Out





    This is a MONO track, like many original Space Age tracks.

    See this video for module listing

    (the additional noise is not a fax machine, it is the zoom motor from the camera)





    • Sputnik Modular - Keyboard
    • Sputnik Modular - 5 step Voltage Source
    • Sputnik Modular - Selector
    • Sputnik Modular - Oscillator
    • Sputnik Modular - Quad VCF/VCA ( as lowPassGate)
    • Sputnik Modular - West coast Random Source
    • Sputnik Modular - Quad function & Trigger Source
    • Sputnik Modular - Four Tape Delay / Dual Crossfader
    • Sputnik Modular - 6-ch Stereo Mixer
    • The Haverstman - Hertz Donutz MkII
    • ALM - Akemie's Taiko
    • ALM - Pamela workout (old)
    • Sonic Potion - Penrose
    • 2HP - Seq
    • Xaoc - Warna
    • Xaoc - Bytom




    • Ginko Taptempo LFO2
    • Serge Resonant EQ 
    • Buchla Dual LPG
    • Buchla Dual function generator
    • Doepfer A-199 Spring
    • Mutable Instruments Plaits
    • Mutable Instruments Clouds (x2)
    • Music Thing Modular Radio Music
    • Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 for sample playback
    • Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 for FX
    • TipTop SD09
    • Erica Synths Pico Drums
    • Erica Synths Black Hole DSP2
    • DIY Ringmodulator
    • DIY FUZZ
    • DIY Distortion
    • DIY Tube amp
    • Harvestman R1932 & Doepfer A110 for bassline
    • HSTA Baby 8 Sequencer
    • Ridrum Tk-09 kick drum
    • DIY Noise & Sample/hold generator
    • Lfo's, VCA's and attenuators
    • Beatstep Pro for main sequencing



    A new release from Onsturicheit!

    “Wij Zullen Valken Zijn Met Arends Ogen” is a dark trip with cinematic dialog samples.

    modulargrid: onsturicheit


    more about Onsturicheit: onsturicheit on facebook




    Sound sources: 


    • Braids
    • Mungo g0
    • MakeNoise STO
    • MI Rings
    • E340 Cloud Generator


    Modulation & Filtering


    • Dual Borg
    • Dave Smith filter
    • O_C
    • Temps Utile
    • Wogglebug
    • MakeNoise Function
    • Intellijel Quadra
    • MakeNoise Optomix
    • MI Frames




    • MI Clouds
    • SSF Delay
    • 2HP Reverb
    • Disting MK3



    Bomb Of Hope on soundcloud: soundcloud


    Bomb Of Hope on youtube: youtube



    • 2hp 4 Channel Mixer
    • Bastl Instruments GrandPa Granular Sampler
    • Befaco Muxlicer voltage controlled switch and sequencer
    • Blue Lantern Modules Diode VCF 
    • Bubblesound Instruments VCA
    • Circuit Abbey Gozinta Input & Amplification
    • Doepfer A-150 Dual voltage controlled Switch
    • Doepfer A-152 voltage controlled switch
    • Doepfer A-106-5 SEM VCF
    • Doepfer A-170 Slew Limiter
    • Grayscale x0x heart
    • Intellijel Quadra Quad Envelope / Function Generator
    • Intellijel Korgasmatron II filter, oscillator & Expander
    • Intellijel Metropolis Sequencer
    • Intellijel Cylonix Shapeshifter Dual Complex Wavetable VCO
    • Livewire Electronics FrequenSteiner filter.
    • Music Thing Modular Mikrophonie
    • Mutable instruments Braids
    • Mutable instruments Clouds Texture synthesizer
    • Orthogonal Devices ER-301 voltage controlled DSP
    • Pittsburgh Modular Filter 
    • Pittsburgh Modular Mixer
    • Temps Utile 6x clock generator
    • Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms Step Sequencer
    • Tiptop Audio Z8000 MK1 Matrix Sequencer
    • Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO MKII
    • Vermona quad MIDI Interface
    • Vermona Fourmulator Quad Digital LFO



    Nueve Vidas 1

    Nueve Vidas 2


    Nueve Vidas on facebook: facebook



    • Synthrotek Chaos Nand
    • Mutable Instruments Clouds, Rings, Peaks
    • Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
    • Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
    • Doepfer A-190-3
    • Make Noise Maths


    modulargrid: Kivig


    Lars Kivig on facebook: facebook





    • Ornament & Crime
    • Mutable Rings, Veils, Clouds
    • Orgone Accumulator
    • Dervish
    • Meth Amp


    modulargrid: Markt -2705


    Mark Thomson on soundcloud


    Markt on youtube



    • Joranalogue Audio Design: Link 2, Mix 3, Filter 8
    • Antumbra 6MIX
    • Bastl Instruments GrandPa, SPA
    • Erica Synths Pico DSP, Pico VCF1
    • Intellijel Rainmaker
    • Music Thing Modular Radio Music
    • Mutable instruments: Marbles, Stages, Rings, Blinds, Clouds, Plaits, Ears
    • mxmxmx dual offset/attenuator
    • Pusherman µO_C
    • 2hp Brst, Freez


    modulargrid: Nordlys The Boat rack



    more about Nordlys: Norlys on facebook



    • Mannequins Mangrove, Just Friends, Cold Mac, and Three Sisters
    • Mutable Instruments Stages
    • Monome Teletype and Ansible
    • Intellijel Noise Tools

    modulargrid: Benjamin Column Generation rack

    more about Benjamin Mauch: Benjamin Mauch on BandCamp


    • Audio Damage: ADM06 Sequencer 1
    • Doepfer: A-138b, A-188-1C, A-124 modified WASP
    • Erica Synths: Pico MODulator, Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO, Black Polivoks VCF, Black Octasource, Black Hole DSP, Pico Drums, Pico Multi
    • Gargoyle: Delay 2.0
    • Intellijel: Atlantis, Rainmaker
    • Make Noise: Maths, STO, Rosie, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Rene, Telharmonic
    • Malekko Heavy Industry: MUTE 4
    • Music Thing Modular: Simple EQ, Radio Music, Spring
    • Mutable instruments: Grids, Tides, Clouds, Links
    • Noise Engineering: Mimetic Sequent
    • Pittsburgh Modular: MIDI 3, WAVEFORMS, LFO2 (Mk. II), LPG (Mk. II), Filter (Mk. II), Mix Mult (Mk. II), Envelope (Mk. II), Dual VCA (Mk. II), Outs (Mk. II), Toolbox (Mk. II), Mixer (Mk. II)


    Shakmat Modular: Bishop's Miscellany


    modulargrid: onsturicheit


    more about Onsturicheit: onsturicheit on facebook

    modular notes about the track:



    DPO through plague bearer for extra distortion, through A106-5 to tame it. A mod wheel is controlling the filters, making them scream towards the end. Sequenced by either a Moskwa, or manually by pressing René notes. A dubbed Shapeshifter part through Polaris is adding extra unharmonic metallic noise klangs as well


    main sequence

    E370 in morph+fold mode, using just a simple sine, going through an E440, sequenced by Metropolis (several stored variations of the main sequence), I'm opening up the wavefolder and E440 cutoff manually, and "play" the metropolis throughout the song.

    - percussion is Rings + Elements, getting triggers from two outputs os Branches + some random modulation


    keyboard pad sound

    2 channels of E370 in morph+cloud mode, through clouds with manual pitch shifting (oct up and down), played live on a keystep


    bass drum

    basimilus iteritas, triggered by the reset pulse of the 7-step sequence on Metropolis


    Pulse Mandala: "A lot of things are modulated, and others are manually tweaked. It took me a bit of rehearsing to get the right take down in one go. I recorded multitrack (6 parts) for better balancing the mix & FX afterwards."


    more about Pulse Mandala:



    • Hexinverter BD9
    • Mutable Instruments Clouds
    • Intellijel Plonk
    • Tiptop Hats909
    • Erica Pico Drums
    • Mutable Instruments Braids
    • Mutable Instruments Peaks
    • Synthrotek MST Filter
    • 2hp VCA
    • 2hp Filt
    • Music Thing Modular Turing Machine


    more about Olan Galactica:


    Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms (main clock & trigger source) Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot (supporting trigger & gate source) Tiptop Audio Z8000 (Pitch source) Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO MKII Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF Tiptop Audio Z4000 VC-EG Tiptop Audio ONE Tiptop Audio Z-DSP (reverb) Tiptop Audio Z-DSP (delay) 4ms Company Rotating Clock Divider V2 (dividing irregular clock) Noise Engineering The Mullet (2x = dividing clock, gate and pitch) Pittsburgh Modular Mix Mult (4x = feeding singmals into Z-DSP’s) Pittsburgh Modular Outs (6 x = feeding sound into Mackie 1604 VLZ pro) Pittsburgh Modular WAVEFORMS (2 x) Pittsburgh Modular LFO2 Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox Pittsburgh Modular LPG Pittsburgh Modular Filter Pittsburgh Modular Envelope (2 x) Pittsburgh Modular Dual Index (VCA / VC Mixer) (2 x) Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor Pittsburgh Modular Generator Pittsburgh Modular GenXpander Pittsburgh Modular SYNTHESIZER BOX Pittsburgh Modular Modulator Pittsburgh Modular Sequence Mungo Enterprises g0 Make Noise Richter Wogglebug Make Noise Maths Dave Smith Modular DSM01 Curtis Filter PATCHBLOCKS Moog Mother 32 KOMA Elektronik Vactrol SVF-201 KOMA Elektronik Poltergeist KOMA Elektronik Komplex Sequencer KOMA Elektronik Fieldkit KOMA Elektronik FX kitDIY Bass string (played by electro motor via Fieldkit dc interface) Trogotronic m669AJH Synth Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter AJH Synth Minimod Discrete Cascaded VCA AJH SynthMinimod Contour Generators Mackie 1604 VLZ pro


    SONICrider: "I recorded live in one take – 5 versions of the “TIMELESSNES” arrangement as a stereo recording (Mackie 1604 VLZ pro into Ableton via UAD Apollo). Mastering with Softube Console 1 Solid State Logic SL 4000 emulation and LUFS metering obtaining a -14,1 LUFS. After mastering and listening the 5 version 3 are favs: those 3 shared with friends, musicians & modular404 to select the final version." 


    more about SONICrider:

    “However, Struggle” relies heavily on the Verbos Complex OSC provides the main sequence, which is run through an Intellijel Rainmaker and a Makenoise Erbeverb to create that dense ambience in the background.


    The bass is classically sequenced.


    All additional pads and melodies are played live via a quantized pressure points and through the same effects chain on top.


    Drums: mainly Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum and Snare and the Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteras Alter, run through the Mutant Hot Glue.


    All ambience channels where run through a dbx compressor to achieve the pumping side chain effect halfway through.


    more about HHNOI: