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HHNOI is Cologne (Germany) based Marco Petracca. Marco discovered his love for electronic music production at the age of 15, by watching a VHS tape about Depeche Mode, where Alan Wilder explained how he created sounds. It was the start of a very diverse music life: 25 years later, he did nearly anything possible, from making soundtracks for erotic hotlines, short thriller films and tv adverts, to electro punk on big stages and in small clubs with his first band Les Mercredis. As member of the gloomy-adult pop duo HEARHERE, he cleverly continued what bands like Massive Attack or Portishead abandoned in the post millennium years.  HHNOI is the modular synth alter ego of Marco Petracca, swinging between unpredictable dark ambience and emotionally gripping electronica.


SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel) is a producer, musician, artist & performer from the South of The Netherlands.  He started as a member of the band BLIND, an underground electro- rock band during the late eighties and nineties.  Currently he produces experimental danceable tracks in a range of styles by combining electronic music & analog sounds. His live performances are a combination of sound & vision.  In addition, Jurgen Winkel is initiator of Ableton User Group Eindhoven and initiator/organizer of Modulab Eindhoven.  “Don't Wait To Create!”

Olan Galactica

Olan Galactica is a Berlin based modular techno live act and the brainchild of musician/producer Olivier Zurkirchen. Those who have witnessed him playing will note his incredible diversity of sub-genres, all held together by the sounds of his steadily morphing modular synthesizer. When he is on stage or in the booth he reads the room and reacts accordingly: his improvised live sets range from villalobesque minimal-escapades to proper berlin high energy techno. A broad horizon of styles is always present in his productions which range from experimental ambient music to techno.

Pulse Mandala

Pulse Mandala is a project of Wim Daans (Belgium). Pulse Mandala returns to the source, to the fabric of space and time itself connecting to the fundamental essence of life: Vibration. The transformative power of this paradigm transports to inner and outer space, reaching out to other worlds, both real and imagined. These are ambitious soundscapes, free from the weight of the world with a serious sense of play that is abstract yet deeply personal. The compositions range from delicate shimmering auroras to experimental and sometimes apocalyptic themes. Like being drawn into a vortex, Pulse Mandala empowers a sense of cosmic space, from slow and majestic to acceleration towards an omega point of transcendence.


Onsturicheit is Peter Moorkens from Ghent (Belgium) who's experimenting with different music genres.  His music is often perceived as film music because it evokes images.   Before Ontsturicheit, Peter played guitar, sax and synthesizer in different rockbands, followed by his own one man project Electric Loopstation and surrounded by electronic gear. At some point there was a schism between the psychedelic pop direction and the electronic direction.  Onsturicheit (dutch for wildness, uncontrolledness, makingashitloadofnoiseness covers the electronic side of Peter. Creating tracks is a dynamic live experience for Peter, where he discovers unpredictable results on his way, just like it also happened with the early electronic machines. Be prepared for samples, sequences and textures.

Benjamin Mauch

Benjamin Mauch is an American musician living in Richmond Virginia.

His work can be classified as noisy ambient with a focus on slow moving timbral shifts.

He uses a modular synthesizer to create works of sound.


Nordlys, aka Gregory Delabelle, is a Belgian multi disciplinary artist and producer.

He is one of the driving forces behind the Brussels modular scene. Building almost all of his instruments himself in search for that sweet spot in the sound he makes.


Markt (Mark Thomson) has been involved in composing and recording music as a guitarist for a number of years but has recently changed focus to experimental generative modular sequences and the wider palette of sounds and timbres available to him from utilising modular synthesisers.

Mark Thomson on soundcloud

Markt on youtube


As2o3 is the sonic alter ego of the Danish composer, sound artist and producer, Lars Kivig. As2o3 is one of his many musical projects that all evolves in the realms of experimental, post industrial and dark ambient genres. Acorn Falling, Electrovert, Black Water White Sea, is other electro-acoustic projects from this well experienced artist that counts 25 active years on the experimental underground scene of Copenhagen, Denmark.  


As2o3 on facebook


Nueve Vidas

Nueve Vidas aka Luis Trasto (Mexico City) improvises with generative algorithms, crossing the borders between digital and analog domains. His sound consists of dense layers of textures created by saturated digital and analog oscillators processed by rhythmically sequenced filters. In his live sets, he explores sound by means of hardware and software modular synthesizers. Never Vidas performes live on festivals like Mutek and NEAM.  


Nueve Vidas on facebook


Bomb of Hope

Bomb of Hope, aka Rost Zaika (Valencia, Spain) has been fascinated with the sci-fi culture and the computer technology since pretty much always and from there came love for electronic music. In the late 90s he has been making some tunes on an old clunker of a computer (VST wasn’t even a word back then) and performed in local clubs. In the 00s, Rost continued his music career in the USA. At that point it was all about Progressive House. Measurable success came along with releases on labels such as Release Records, Hooj and SOG, at the time under the moniker “Delikate Imposters”. Since then  he took a loooong break but then the modular synthesis bug bit him in 2014 and now he is back as Bomb of Hope (among other things)!

Bomb of Hope on soundcloud

Bommb of Hope on youtube